"I absolutely LOVE this blue line ring! I have worn it every day since it has arrived. It is high quality, shipped fast and even more beautiful in person. And did I mention affordable? Highly recommend!!"

I just want to let you guys know thank you for making my birthday such an amazing experience!!! Not only did my now, fiancé give me this ring as a birthday gift knowing that I am about to join the law enforcement field but he also proposed to me with this ring!!!❤️❤️ truly I'm so grateful and blessed. Thank you guys so much!!!
💙Jennifer 💙

I absolutely love this company. I would 💯 recommend them. I ordered a blue line ring and it’s absolutely stunning. As LEO I am incredibly fond of this ring. It was shipped and delivered extremely fast. The packaging was petite and very nice. They also included a individual wrapped sour straw candy, and a beautiful butterfly 🦋 magnet. I will definitely order from this company again. ❤️
💙Chasady 💙

"I received my ring today with the correct size and I love it. When I received notification that it was delivered, I expected to find the size 3 I ordered by mistake, but It was the right one! It fits my fat fingers perfectly ☺. I was also surprised by the hand written note and the sour patch cane. You took customer service to a whole new level. It was amazing! I never expected to receive the ring until after the holidays but here it is! Thank you so much and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You made my Christmas! 🙏"

Jean Smith-NJ


"Better in person. Shines in all the right places. Reminds you Of the thin blue line in a subtle way with all the sparkle! Worth it!"

Kimberly Mahonee-CO


"Received my ring today and was absolutely surprised how quickly it arrived. (Less than a week) The presentation was beautiful when it arrived too. The ring itself is beautiful and I'm so pleased with quality as well as the meaning behind the ring. It will be a constant reminder to pray for my police family."

Donna Lortie-FL


What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is made almost completely from pure silver. Exactly 92.5 percent of the alloy must be silver, and the remaining 7.5 percent comes from other metals, most commonly copper. This slight addition of another metal gives silver strength and durability without affecting its gorgeous, white-gray appearance.

What is Rhodium plated Sterling Silver?

Rhodium plated sterling silver jewelry increases shine, luster and durability. Additionally, it will make your jewelry more resistant to scratches and less prone to tarnishing. Another popular benefit to rhodium plating is the fact that it makes your jewelry hypoallergenic. This is because it's nickel-free. Rhodium plating will wear off over time, however there are different factors that can affect how long rhodium plating lasts. Depending on how often you wear the piece of jewelry and how much wear and tear it gets it may need to be re-applied every couple years.

Will Sterling Silver tarnish?

Sterling silver, even real . 925 sterling silver will always tarnish. While pure 99.9% silver does not tarnish, any sterling silver will tarnish over time as a result of the metal mixed in. However, fortunately there are many ways to keep sterling silver from tarnishing.

How do I clean Sterling Silver?

To slow down tarnishing, clean your silver jewelry after wearing it. Oils from your skin accumulate on the surface of silver and can predispose it to oxidization. Use warm water to wash your jewelry items gently, and dry them with a soft cloth. You can also delay tarnishing by regularly polishing your silver jewelry.

Does Sterling Silver turn my skin green?

925 silver will never turn your finger green or any other color.  

Can I wear Sterling Silver in a pool?

NO! You should not wear sterling silver in a chlorinated pool/hot tub or in saltwater. Chlorine not only makes the silver tarnish, but the heat of the water also makes it tarnish, and this damage may be irreversible.

What if I have a problem with my order?

PLEASE contact us ASAP and we will be happy to work things out.

What size ring should I order?