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Ring Size Adjuster

Ring Size Adjuster

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Are you in between sizes? This rubber ring sizer will protect your ring from scratches and make your ring fit more comfortably.   It is hypoallergenic and is made from a highly flexible rubber.  Depending on the thickness of your ring band, choose the size of the Rubber Sizer. It should be cut down to size and one can be used for several rings.


S= 2MM

M= 3MM

L= 4MM

** No refunds on ring size adjusters**


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Customer Reviews

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Linda Michals
Everyone needs these

When you order online a find out you don’t know your ring size after all, these are great for changing sizes to fit the finger you want to wear your rind on…provided your not trying to go up in size. If you have spent hours looking for the perfect ring, only to find out they only have it in a size 7, and you need a size 6 these ring binders will help make the size 7 fit your size 6 finger. They work great with real and costume jewelry, too!

Linda, Thank you so much for the amazing review! I can't tell you how much reviews mean to a small business!